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February No. 3

It is February, but the warm days have continued. So I went to Kyoto by car. It is a 1-hour drive there from my house.


I could drive only in the neighborhood before, but recently because of corona-virus, I was able to drive longer.


Arashiyama had only a few tourists. I crossed the Togetsu Bridge and took a walk along the famous Bamboo Forest Road.


After that, I entered the garden of Tenryu-ji Temple, a World Heritage Site.


Plum blossoms and camellia flowers were in bloom, and birds were chirping.

It was the first time in Kyoto when I saw so few tourists. I had a luxurious feeling.




February No.2

From February 3rd, it became spring on the calendar. The state of Emergencies in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai area has continued, but the number of corona-infected people has decreased.


Coronavirus vaccination has begun. The daylight has become longer. We can enjoy viewing plum blossoms now.


The year of 2020 was a tough year, but I think 2021 is a year of recovery and transformation. I can't go anywhere now, but when the state of emergency is lifted in March, I want to go somewhere.




February No.1

Every day, I look forward to buying and drinking coffee at a Nescafe coffee stand at Sekasegawa Station in the afternoon. The clerk is shift-based, so the person is different depending upon the day.


One of clerks is very friendly, so I got to talk with her. It’s a happy time to have a short conversation and later have a hot cup of coffee on the station bench.

As I drink, I see some people ordering coffee at the shop and talking to the clerk as I do.


Sometimes some older guys keep talking to her over coffee. I think the friendly woman is a relaxing person for them.




January  No.3

Two years ago, in January 2018, I started visiting 33 temples  which are famous for their Kannon statues. I joined the Hankyu bus tours 12 times. I visited all the temples.


After that, in January of last year, I visited Zenkoji Temple in Shinsyu to give thanks. This year, I sent an application form to become a Sendachi, who can guide beginners around a tour of visiting these 33 temples.


I want to go around the 33 temples again.






January No.1

The number of infections of the covid-19 virus has been increasing more and more. My eldest son's family living in Tokyo decided not to return home for the New Year's holiday. So I made only one-third of the usual Osechi dishes.


On January 1st, I went to a place in our neighborhood to watch the sunrise. It is located at top of a slope, so we can enjoy a good view.


At 7:10, the sun began to rise above mountains. Not only on New Year's Day, but the sun shines upon the earth every day. I gave thank for the sun, for the earth and, for simply being alive.




December No.3

The bag I had been using every day for three years became worn out, so I wanted to get a new bag.


The first condition in choosing a new bag is that it be light. Next, it can be used both as a shoulder bag and a backpack.


I couldn't find it easily, but finally I found it. It suits the conditions perfectly, and the price is 3,100 yen. It is a very reasonable price.


I bought it right away and started using it today. I feel happy using my new bag. I am also thankful for my old bag!



3年間毎日使ってきたかばんがだいぶ擦り切れてきたので 新しいカバンが欲しくなりました。新しいカバンを選ぶ条件は、まず軽いこと。次にショルダーバックにもなり、リュックサックにもなることです。なかなか見つかりませんでしたが、ついに見つけました。条件にぴったりで、しかも値段が3100円。大変リーゾナブルです。すぐに購入して、今日から使い始めました。新しいカバンを使って幸せな気持ちになりました。古いカバンも今までありがとう!

December No. 1

It's December now.


This year 2020 was supposed to be a glamorous year for the Tokyo Olympics, but an incident occurred that we never could have imagined. It was covid-19.


Last March almost all schools were closed all at once, a state of emergency was declared and we had to stay home.


This fall the infection has subsided, and many people enjoyed the Go to Travel or Go to Eat campaigns, but recently we are worried that the number of infected people is increasing once again now.


I’m sure 2020 will be a year that will be in the textbooks of future history.




November No.1

I heard that roses in Aramaki Park in Itami city are in full bloom, so I went there by car.


It is a 15 minute drive from my house. I knew the roses bloom in May, but I found out they bloom twice a year.


It was a sunny day in autumn, it was neither cold nor hot. It was a comfortable day. Under the blue sky, roses of various colors such as red, pink, white, and yellow were blooming. I was freely looking around the park.


The leaves around the park were beginning to turn colors. We enjoyed the wonderful autumn day.



October No.4

I saw how to organize the vegetable compartment in the refrigerator on Youtube.


I arranged paper bags which I bought at the 100-yen shop in the vegetable compartment and put vegetables such as cabbage, daikon radish, cucumbers and carrots in each bag.


When I open the vegetable compartment, I can see what kind of vegetables are immediately.


Two packages of the paper bags cost 200 yen. One contains 5 large bags and the other one contains 8 small bags.


By putting vegetables in bags, it is easy to organize, it looks beautiful, and it is easy to clean. I’m very happy.