オールイングリッシュの動画です。字幕はyoutube 画面右下の設定のところをクリックして字幕→オフになっているのを、その下にあるアメリカ合衆国というところを押すと、英語字幕が出ますので、トライしてみてください  日本語字幕付きはChaChaYoutube チャンネルにあります

英語で説明してみよう May 1

英語で説明してみよう April 4

May 3

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    Shara Connor (金曜日, 27 5月 2022 08:40)

    Thanks for the wonderful gift,Suzy san .It's almost a present to me because I'm exactly one of visitor to EXPO’70.It can easily connect with my childhood. I have had just once visiting but it was very impressive.impressive I gave up entering American Pavilion but you were able to revenge, nice !
    After the EXPO the Australian Pavilion was moved to my hometown because Sydney and my town were associated. Time goes by soon and something that has a shape will break someday. Unfortunately the pavilion has demolished since getting decrepit. I wish the symbol tower remain forever and watch us and Osaka town.

Hi Sara san Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, we are in the same generation. We have common memories. I'm looking forward to the next Osaka Expo and we will be able to share a new memory.

May 2

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    Shara Connor (木曜日, 19 5月 2022 18:31)

    Oh! Suzy san, you have a profound knowledge of literature on MIYAO -TOMIKO’s novels.
    I'm afraid but my main purpose of visiting MATSUNOO -TAISHA was getting the sacred ‘sake’ at New Year's first visit to the Shrine. And I'm keeping a square wooden cup,‘masu’ that was bestowed with fresh ‘sake’ from the Shrine. How wouldly my purpose was! But the fresh ‘sake’ with gold dust was fruity and delicious!!

  • #2

    応援隊 (火曜日, 17 5月 2022 17:41)


  • #1

    James Flentrop (火曜日, 17 5月 2022 16:40)

    Thank you very much for allowing me to view these lovely scenes.
    Yes, I do think I may very well have gone to these places myself many years ago.
    The pathways and vegetation and buildings and waterways were very scenic.
    I am glad you were able to feel the relationship with the serial novel that you had read.
    We see here just another lovely thing about Kyoto.
    And it is narrated very clearly as well.
    All in all, a delightful experience and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Hi James sensei

Thank you so much for your message!  You know this course!  You also know Fushimi Inari course. You are very familiar with Kyoto.


応援隊様 テレビで見てくださってありがとう!ぜひ鈴虫寺行ってみてください!


Hi Sara san!

I saw a lot of Sake barrels there. I hope to drink the sacred sake with gold dust. Maybe after the corona-19, we will be able to do it. I hope it will come soon.

May 1

大阪鶴見緑地公園に行ってきました。オールイングリッシュです。字幕はyoutube 画面右下の設定のところをクリックして字幕→オフになっているのを、その下にあるアメリカ合衆国というところを押すと、英語字幕が出ますので、トライしてみてください




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    Shara Connor (水曜日, 18 5月 2022 08:36)

    Your movie made me recall memories in Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam. (From tropical trees and a windmill)I miss my travels before COVID-19.

Hi Sara san ! Thank you so much for your comment. I remember you staying there. You have a lot of good memories.

April  No.1

When the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, I went to the Muko River to take a video. Many cherry trees are planted along the rivers all over Japan. This is one of them. I'm glad I was born in Japan

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    Shara Connor (火曜日, 17 5月 2022 10:17)

    I can understand your feelings.The coming of spring makes us happy but we tend to recall memories of the deceased.Spring is the season both meeting and parting.

Hi Sara san. Thank you very much for the comment. We have the same feeling because we are in the same generation. Let's treasure today!


March    No. 2

Kiyoko-sensei, who had been working at ChaCha on Thursday and Friday, will move to the United States. So she quit ChaCha on March 12th


She started teaching last April and had taught many elementary and junior high school students for a year. She was a bright and cute teacher and was popular with her students

She was also a hard worker who has continued to study English in order to further improve her English proficiency.


She adhered to the teaching method and taught with enthusiasm.

I have enjoyed and been thankful for the relationship with Kiyoko-sensei.


She said, “from America, I will cheer ChaCha! “


Thank you so much Kiyoko sensei!    


 木曜日と金曜日をたんとうしてくれていたキヨ子先生が アメリカに引っ越されるため312日でChaChaをやめられました。昨年4月から教え始められて、1年しっかりたくさんの小学生・中学生を指導してくれました。明るくかわいい先生で生徒たちから人気がありました。英語力をさらに磨くために、ご自身の英語の勉強もつづけていた努力家でもありました。彼女は指導方法をしっかり守ってくれて熱意をもって指導してくれました。キヨ子先生との関係を楽しんで感謝してきました。アメリカからChaChaを応援してますね!とキヨ子先生は言ってくれました

ありがとう キヨ子先生!

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  • #1

    Shara Connor (金曜日, 18 3月 2022 08:12)

    Japanese has a nice word“otukaresama”. We can express our gratitude to someone with just one word. But it's difficult to say in English. How should I say? Good luck Kiyoko sensei! I wish you have great success in the future.

March No 1

Recently, I'm addicted to making videos. A computer is smart, so we can do many things with just one click.

It's also fun to go to places that offer free music and download it.

It was expensive to add English narration until recently, but now we can add it for free. Moreover, we can choose our favorite voice and set the speaking speed freely.

The Youtube video taught me how to upload to Youtube and how to make thumbnails.

It's about 10 minutes, but the first public video has been completed.

I hope you will see it


このところ動画作成が楽しくてハマっています。コンピューターが賢いので、いろんなことがクリック一つでできます。無料の音楽を提供しているところへ行って、ダウンロードするのも楽しいです。英語のナレーションをつけるのはつい最近まで高価でしたが、今は無料でつけることができます しかもナレーションは好きな声を選べるし、話すスピードも自由に設定できるのです Youtubeへのアップの仕方、サムネイルの作り方も、Youtubeの動画が教えてくれました 10分程度の動画ですが、初めての公開動画が出来上がりました 見ていただけたら嬉しいです

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    Shara Connor (月曜日, 14 3月 2022 18:50)

    Interesting ! I haven't been NIFREL.At the next time of my granddaughter visiting ,my husband and I must plan to go there. Your video is useful for me to imagine the best course for four-year-old child.

  • #1

    篠原 春美 (月曜日, 07 3月 2022 12:54)

    すごーい‼️ 努力されてとうとう実現させましたね。おめでとうございます。これからの楽しくて勉強になる動画を楽しみにしています。水族館 最高でした。お嬢様に感謝ですね。

January No 2

Last week I went to Fushimi Inari Shrine for the first time this year. After visiting the main shrine, I climbed Mt. Inari,which is 233 meters high.


I ate Kitsune Udon and Inari Sushi for lunch in a place with a good view called Yotsuji on the way. After going up to the summit, I headed from the side road near the summit to Tofukuji Temple. There are many people on the road of Fushimi Inari Shrine, but few people pass on the road to Tofukuji Temple.


Walking along this road in nature always makes me feel refreshed. A 20-minute walk took me to Tofukuji Temple. It is my favorite walking course.



January No 1

After the New Year holidays, my normal life is back. Unlike last year, when the corona virus was prevalent, the eldest and second sons’ families returned to my house this year. Every year, I want to stop making mochi at home because it is very busy at the end of the year, but this year we also made mochi.


This year, my eldest son presented us Osechi dishes containing Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes, so I thought we would stop cooking Osechi dishes for my family, but we made them after all.


The rice cakes and the Osechi we cooked were delicious when we ate them on new year day. I thought that I would continue to make them after all.


I would like to write the points in my diary that I should think before preparing for the new next year in order not to panic this year. I would like to spend quiet and peaceful time at the end of this year while preparing for the next year.





December No.3

Two years ago, “Explain Yourself,” ChaCha's original textbook, was completed. It is a teaching material that explains Japanese things related to each month from January to December in English. 


It took about half a year to finish.  I found that I could listen to the content of the textbook by using AI, and thanks to the IT company’s help, I made an app on a smartphone  in which AI voice reads aloud the content. After that, I've thought about uploading Explain Yourself to Youtube to be able to listen to it on the home page.


After a lot of experience, I was able to make it come true thanks to one student. She appealed to me  seriously to improve her English. So I really wanted her to study a lot with good materials.


Where there is a will, there is a way.


2年前に、ChaChaオリジナル教材であるExplain Yourselfが完成しました。それは1月から12月まで各月にまつわる日本の事柄を英語で説明する教材です。仕上がりまで約半年かかりました。AIを使って音声化できることがわかり、試行錯誤ののち、スマホアプリで教材の中身が音声で聞けるようになりました。その後、Explain Yourselfの音声をホームページ上で聞けるようになるためにYoutubeにアップすることをずっと考えておりました。



December No.2

I went to Kyoto to see a friend. We had wanted to see each other  for a long time, but we had never done so because we hadn’t made an appointment.


This year, as the corona virus pandemic was over, I called her and I promised to visit her house. The nearest station to her house is Kyoto, Karasuma.


When I got out in front of Karasuma Station, I didn't know which way to go because the GPS function of my smartphone did not work well.




  When I was wandering around, the friend who was worrying about me picked me up.


After talking a lot at her house, we also talked a lot at the restaurant named ShinShinDo, where we went to eat lunch.

"Stay well forever," I prayed for her good health and said good bye to her.





December No.1

2021 will be over in one month. When I was organizing my room, I found the New Year Resolutions that I wrote at the beginning of this year.


I wrote five things I wanted to do this year. To my surprise, I was able to achieve four of them. I am certified as an Airbnb online experience! I have a vision of a course of hosting an online experience. The Takarazuka experience app is completed! I am used to uploading my movies to Youtube! 


There's still a lot of work to be done, but I can feel that I have been moving forward. I have got here thanks to many people.


Sometimes I was at a loss because I didn't know what to do, but as I was looking for it, I was given an answer. I want to continue my fun adventure next year.


2021年もあと1月で終わる。部屋を整理しているとき、2021年の年始に書いたNew Year Resolutionsの紙を見つけた。


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    Shara Connor (水曜日, 23 2月 2022 18:41)

    I'm looking forward to reading your daily from now on.Because my old smartphone was simple one and not so functional.l changed it last month.l'd like to enjoy a lot of things !

Hi Shara san

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm really happy because you read my diary. You encouraged me a lot. I will do my best to keep my diary in English.    From Yuko

November No.4

With the spread of the Internet, the world is becoming more and more connected. When we are thinking of a dinner menu, if there is pork in the refrigerator, we search the pork menu on the internet and we will find a popular recipe for free. It is cheap, delicious and easy to cook. Thanks to the sharing of recipes, the number of people who are good at cooking is increasing more and more.

 As for English textbooks, we can listen to the audio for free by reading the QR code or accessing the website of the provider. They are generous. Buying CDs used to be expensive.


Zoom provides places where we can have fun chatting with people from all over the world. When we can speak English, we are able to communicate with people from various countries while we stay home. The progress of technology is wonderful.




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    Shara Connor (金曜日, 25 2月 2022 13:45)

    I sometimes make use of internet recipes. It's easy and convenient. In my case,before I bought soup stocks for hot pot dish. But recently I cook it by myself,such as tomato flavor or curry flavor. Next, I should try to improve my English skills.

November No.3

Today was the last lesson day of the present teacher who teaches on Tuesday. A new teacher who will teach from next Tuesday was going to come for training.


I e-mailed the new teacher yesterday for confirmation, but I didn't get a reply. I also called him and sent him a short message, but I didn't get a response. When I sent him an email about today’s training three weeks ago, I got his reply saying OK.


Though I didn't receive a reply yesterday, the present Tuesday teacher and I were preparing for the training.


Then, this morning I got his email saying, "I can't go to the training today due to an emergency situation, please reschedule on another day." There was no reply after I asked what the emergency situation was by e-mail.


It was time to decide. I asked another foreign teacher to be our Tuesday's teacher. He accepted. I had been worried since yesterday, but the problem was solved and I feel much better.



今日は火曜日先生の最後のレッスンの日でした。 そして、来週から火曜日に教えてくれる新しい先生がトレーニングで来られる日でした。 わたしは、昨日新しい先生に確認のためのメールをしましたが、返事が返ってきませんでした。 また電話もし、Short Messageも送りましたが返事が返ってきませんでした。 採用が決まった後、1116日火曜日にトレーニングを受けてくださいとのメールを送った時は、OKとの返事を得ていたので昨日の確認のメールには返信がなかったですが、今日火曜日の先生からトレーニングを受けてもらう準備をしていました。 すると、朝、「緊急な状況で今日トレーニングに行けない。別の日を設定してください」とのメールがきました。 事情をきくメールを出しても返事はありませんでした。 決心するときでした。 わたしは別の外国人の先生に火曜日の先生になってくれるように頼みました。 彼はこころよく引き受けてくれました。 昨日からずっと心配していましたが、問題が解決しすっきりしました

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    Shara Connor (金曜日, 25 2月 2022 18:14)

    After reading your diary,l tried counting the number of my English teachers in CHA-CHA from my starting time. I met with fifteen foreign teachers and two Japanese teachers.(Including substitute teachers that I took their classes just once)Thanks to CHA-CHA, we can have many occasions without traveling abroad.

Oh did you? You counted the number of foreign instructors! 15 !!! I'm so surprised. Your memory is really good. Yeah I met a lot of foreign teachers. It reminds me the proverb "Once in a while". So I must treasure the present time.

Please give your comment !

November No.2

Since I was allowed to host Airbnb's online tour last month, no one has signed up for my online tour. 


However, last week a guest who is an American man applied for it for the first time. I practiced the online tour three times before meeting my first guest.


Thanks to the practice, the actual performance went well. I was happy to get a 5-star rating from my first guest.


Until then, I wasn't confident in hosting the tour at all, but after doing it, I have wanted to do more in the future. I bought a gorgeous hamburger set at the nearby shop for the first time to celebrate.




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    Shara Connor (土曜日, 26 2月 2022 13:17)

    I can't imagine Airbnb’s travels.But we are in ander COVID-19 situations, it might be useful for a lot of people.

November No.1

My younger son will have a wedding ceremony in December. I have decided to wear a kimono at the ceremony because it will be held in a shrine.


As I didn’t like to wear kimono, I had never worn a kimono since my wedding ceremony, but this time I wanted to try it, So I asked a professional person to help me wear a kimono as a rehearsal.


It took 45 minutes to put on a kimono. Wearing kimono wasn’t as uncomfortable as I had expected.


Later I went to a photoshop and I had pictures taken. It was embarrassing for me to pose for a photographer, but I felt happy because I wore kimono called Tomesode which my mother had bought for me as one of bride preparation 40 years ago.



次男が12月に結婚する。神社での挙式なので着物を着ることにした。着物を着るのが好きでなかったので、自分の結婚式以来、着たことがなかった。でも今回は着てみたくなったので、着付けの人を頼んで練習で一度着てみることにした。着付けるのに45分かかった。思ったよりは苦しくなかった。写真屋さんで記念写真も撮ってもらった。写真のポーズをとるのは恥ずかしかったけれど、約40年前 母が花嫁道具の一つにもたせてくれた留めそでを着ることが出来て嬉しかった。

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    Shara Connor (木曜日, 03 3月 2022 08:44)

    Congrats ! �Wearing kimono is bothering for people today but it’s the suitable full dress in Japan.

October No.4

Ken, who had taught English at ChaCha for 6 years until the end of August this year, came to ChaCha today. Ken has changed jobs.


His new job is working as a manager of a restaurant which will open in Hawaii next spring. He is taking training now.


The restaurant has many branches in Japan, but not overseas yet. Ken will be the first manager of an overseas branch.

He said, “I'm very busy and I must work very hard now, but I'm satisfied.”



He is now 45 years old. His two children are junior high school students. He will leave his family in Japan and go to Hawaii alone. I will do my best to visit his shop in Hawaii someday.






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    Shara Connor (木曜日, 03 3月 2022 08:59)

    Comment Part Ⅱ
    I hope his success in Hawaii and I'd like to visit his managing restaurant ,too.

  • #1

    Shara Connor (水曜日, 23 2月 2022 18:47)

    I'm glad to see Ken's photo,my ex teacher.

October No.3

I went to the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art to see the Harry Potter exhibition. When I entered it, I was so impressed by the building. The famous architect Tadao Ando created it. The simple design made of concrete had its own unique atmosphere.


The Harry Potter exhibition was crowded. Due to limiting the number of people, a reservation ticket was required.


In the exhibition, I was most moved by the handwritten manuscripts of the author JK Rowling. They were just like ordinary notes, which gave birth to great novels and movies.


After looking at the exhibition, I went up to the roof of the museum and I could see Kobe Port there.  I saw some ships towing cargo. It was a great holiday.





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    Shara Connor (木曜日, 03 3月 2022 14:20)

    This is my first time to read the word ,tow. I can get a new English word. And I have been there but another exhibition ,my favorite Gogh. Unfortunately I missed the chance seeing nice views from the rooftop.

  • #1

    Shara Connor (木曜日, 03 3月 2022 09:15)

    This is my first time to hear the word , tow. I can get a new word. And l have been there but at another exhibition ,my favorite Gogh. Unfortunately , l missed the chance seeing nice views from the rooftop.

October No.2

I went to Umeda last Sunday because the declaration of a state of emergency was lifted. It was crowded.

 It's been a long time since I saw so many people.


I wandered around the basement section of a department store. At each store, surprisingly gorgeous and elaborate cakes were being sold. It was fun just to look.


After that I went to Links near Yodobashi Camera, where there were a lot of old-fashioned izakaya-style shops. Everyone was eating and drinking happily at each shop.


It was also fun to walk while looking at various shops. After all I went home without buying anything and eating nothing.


緊急事態宣言が解除されたので 先週の日曜日、梅田へ行きました。すごくたくさんの人がいました。こんなにたくさんの人を見るのは久しぶりでした。百貨店の地下売り場をうろうろしました。各店では、びっくりするほど豪華で手の込んだケーキがいろいろ売られていました。見ているだけで楽しかったです。ヨドバシカメラの近くのLinksというところにいくと、昔風の居酒屋風の店がいっぱい並んでいました。みんな嬉しそうにアルコールを飲んでいました。いろんなお店を見ながら歩くのも楽しかったです。でも結局何も買わず何も食べずに帰りました。

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    Shara Connor (木曜日, 03 3月 2022 11:31)

    I miss Umeda’s atmosphere. Because I have lost the chances enjoying eating out. Now on going the self-restraint in leaving home so I'm wavered whether go out or not.



Magical Village メンバーの方の日々の英語日記を載せています 

The diary of Thurday member nicknamed Masa

Recently I join the radio exercise again.

I leave my home at 6 a.m. and I go to Suehiro park.

I think there are fewer people than before.

It starts at 6:30 a.m. and finishes at 6:40 a.m. It just 10 minutes’ exercise.

But the radio exercise is very good.

I can stretch various parts of my body in the morning.

It’s proper exercise.

Recently it has become cool in the morning and in the evening, but the daytime is still hot like summer.

I’m a little tired. So I am careful about my health.

It’s important to build strength.

Susie, Are you okay?


Let’s be careful together.

October No.1

The state of emergency was lifted at the end of last month. The vaccination rate has also been improved, and now 70% of Japanese people have received at least one vaccine.  Alcohol can be served at restaurants, which were crowded for the first time in a long time last weekend.


There was an LDP presidential election, and Mr. Kishida was elected the 100th Prime Minister. Prince Akishino's eldest daughter, Princess Mako, will marry Mr. Kei Komuro on October 26, but there is no mood of blessing among the people.


This year was the Olympic year. There were a lot of things in 2021. Now we have fewer than three months left.


May there be a lot of fun in October when normal life is back.




September No.4

It is getting in autumn.


The number of corona infections has decreased. The declaration of a state of emergency will  be lifted at the end of this month.


More than 50% of Japanese people received  the vaccine twice.  Drugs for the people with corona infection were also approved. In the spring of 2020,  when a state of emergency was declared for the first time, we thought that once the vaccine was manufactured, we would solve everything. Generally speaking, I think  the Corona problem is heading for the solution though various problems remain.


Because of Corona, we've also found that what we’ve always been taking for granted such things  as overseas travel, packed audiences, and bustling amusement parks are very valuable and wonderful things.

Recognizing that fact, I’m looking forward to seeing what our future will be.




The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa

Autumn is the season when food is delicious. Recently my favorite food is sweet potato. Especially I like Imo-kenpi.



You cut sweet potato into thin pieces. Next you deep-fry those pieces. Finally you mix them with syrup. It’s how to cook Imo-kenpi.


There are many cakes and deserts made of sweet potato. When I eat it, I feel very sweet. I like Imo-kenpi the best of all sweet snacks made of potato recipe.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna

One day I returned a book to the library. When I was going to come home, I found a section of English books. There were about 10 English books. I borrowed one of them.


The title of the book is “The Little House.” I knew there was a Japanese version of the book, I haven’t read the Japanese version, though.


I started to read the book in English version at home, but  I didn’t understand it at all.


I thought, “When I have much time, I will read the book.”

September No.3

t was fine weather, so I went to Hattoriryokuchi in Toyonaka city. There is a big pond in Hattoriryokuchi. The floral time of the lotus had ended, and seeds had been formed in the polka-dot holes.


The flower of a lotus is beautiful, but its seeds looked weird. I wondered if lotus roots were made in the bottom in a pond.


Water lilies were in bloom in a different small pond. I found a lump of red grain stuck to the edge of the pond. There were other lumps on the edge.


I thought they were the eggs of something. Eggs were also laid on the stems of water lilies in the pond. When I checked them with my mobile phone, I found they were eggs of an American jumbo pond snail. The internet enables us to answer our question in a moment. It’s really convenient.



服部緑地には大きい池がある 。ハスの花の時間は終わり、種は花の後で水玉模様の穴の中で形成されていた。ハスの花は美しいけれども、私はその種は奇妙であると思った。私は、池の底でレンコンが作られるかしらと思った。違う小さい池には睡蓮が開花していた。私は、1個の赤いつぶつぶの塊が池のエッジに貼り付けられるのを発見した。エッジに他のかたまりがあった。私はそれらを何かの卵と考えた。卵はまた、池のスイレンの茎にも置かれた。スマホで私がそれらをチェックした時、それらはアメリカジャンボタニシの卵であるとわかった。インターネットによって、私達は瞬間に私達の質問に答えることができる。それは本当に便利である。



The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa



I gave up taking the pre-2nd Eiken test this autumn. I don’t have confidence.

I couldn’t study English as much as I planned. It was not good.

I should decide a small goal every day and I must achieve it.


I hope to take the pre-2nd Eiken test next year and pass it.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna

My husband and I ate a lot of cups of jelly this summer.

One day I looked in the refrigerator. There wasn’t any jelly in it.


So I went to buy some jelly to a supermarket that is a little away from my house.

But it was sold out. Next, I went to the other supermarket.

There were some cups of fruit jelly. I bought two cups of jelly and went home.


I ate one cup of jelly. I thought they don’t sell a lot of jelly because it is fall now.

2021 September No.2

It was cool, so I took a walk to a rather far place. First, I passed through Sakasegawa Station and walked to Takarazuka Minamiguchi Station.


I stopped at a small park next to Tezuka Osamu Museum, which was full of various plants. It’s one of my favorite places. I found two new bakeries selling high quality white bread. A loaf of bread costs 600yen.


I continued walking to Takarazuka Station. When Takarazuka Family Land was there, nice shops were lined up and I would look in the show-windows. However, at the present all the shops were closed. I think the times are changing. I hope Takarazuka Opera will exit forever.




2021 September No.1

Two famous Youtubers (Nakata Atsuhiko and Okada Toshio) introduced a book titled “ Do what you want to do no matter how old you are.” The following five things are recommended to do in this book.

l  Morning Routine : As soon as you wake up in the morning, write a lot on 3 pages of your A4 sized notebook.

l  Artist Date: Plan 10 new things you do by yourself and to do them one by one once a week.

l  Solo walking: Take a walk alone for 20 minutes twice a week without a smartphone.

l  Memorial: Divide your life into 12 periods from 0 to your current age and look back on each one with respect.

l  Exercise: Think of five your imaginary lives.


I bought a notebook of A4 size immediately and wrote in it. To my surprise, my horizons have expanded greatly. I’ll continue to do it.


有名なYoutuber 中田敦彦さんと岡田斗司夫さんは、「何歳になってもやりたいことをやれ」という本を紹介しました。この本では、次の 5 つの操作を行うことを推薦されています。


アーティストデイト あなたが自分で行う10の新しいことを計画し、週に一度それらを1つずつ行います。


Memorial :あなたの人生を0から現在の年齢までの12の期間に分け、それぞれを敬意をもって振り返ってください。



私 はすぐにA4サイズのノートを買って、その中に書きました。驚いたことに、私の視野は大きく広がっています。私はそれを続けます。

August No.2

On the way back home from Osaka by car, I drove to the Minoh Waterfall. When I was little, I used to walk from Minoh Station to go there. Now there is a parking lot near the Waterfall, so it is convenient.


As it rained a lot this summer, the amount of water in the waterfall was large. I enjoyed watching the water appearing from the top of the waterfall and falling into the waterfall pot.


It was so amazing that I observed it for a while. The surrounding beautiful trees and clean water purified my heart.



車で大阪に行った帰りに箕面の滝まで運転しました。 小さい頃は箕面の駅から歩いていったものでした。 今は箕面の滝の近くに駐車場があるので便利です。 今年の夏たくさん雨がふったので、滝の水の量は多くて、豪快でした。 滝の上から現れて滝つぼに落ちていく水を見るのが楽しくてしばらくずっと見ていました。 滝の周りの美しい木々と清らかな水に心が純化されました。