Magical Village メンバーの方の日々の英語日記を載せています




The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa



I gave up taking the pre-2nd Eiken test this autumn. I don’t have confidence.

I couldn’t study English as much as I planned. It was not good.

I should decide a small goal every day and I must achieve it.


I hope to take the pre-2nd Eiken test next year and pass it.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna

My husband and I ate a lot of cups of jelly this summer.

One day I looked in the refrigerator. There wasn’t any jelly in it.


So I went to buy some jelly to a supermarket that is a little away from my house.

But it was sold out. Next, I went to the other supermarket.

There were some cups of fruit jelly. I bought two cups of jelly and went home.


I ate one cup of jelly. I thought they don’t sell a lot of jelly because it is fall now.

2021 September No.2

It was cool, so I took a walk to a rather far place. First, I passed through Sakasegawa Station and walked to Takarazuka Minamiguchi Station.


I stopped at a small park next to Tezuka Osamu Museum, which was full of various plants. It’s one of my favorite places. I found two new bakeries selling high quality white bread. A loaf of bread costs 600yen.


I continued walking to Takarazuka Station. When Takarazuka Family Land was there, nice shops were lined up and I would look in the show-windows. However, at the present all the shops were closed. I think the times are changing. I hope Takarazuka Opera will exit forever.




2021 September No.1

Two famous Youtubers (Nakata Atsuhiko and Okada Toshio) introduced a book titled “ Do what you want to do no matter how old you are.” The following five things are recommended to do in this book.

l  Morning Routine : As soon as you wake up in the morning, write a lot on 3 pages of your A4 sized notebook.

l  Artist Date: Plan 10 new things you do by yourself and to do them one by one once a week.

l  Solo walking: Take a walk alone for 20 minutes twice a week without a smartphone.

l  Memorial: Divide your life into 12 periods from 0 to your current age and look back on each one with respect.

l  Exercise: Think of five your imaginary lives.


I bought a notebook of A4 size immediately and wrote in it. To my surprise, my horizons have expanded greatly. I’ll continue to do it.


有名なYoutuber 中田敦彦さんと岡田斗司夫さんは、「何歳になってもやりたいことをやれ」という本を紹介しました。この本では、次の 5 つの操作を行うことを推薦されています。


アーティストデイト あなたが自分で行う10の新しいことを計画し、週に一度それらを1つずつ行います。


Memorial :あなたの人生を0から現在の年齢までの12の期間に分け、それぞれを敬意をもって振り返ってください。



私 はすぐにA4サイズのノートを買って、その中に書きました。驚いたことに、私の視野は大きく広がっています。私はそれを続けます。

August No.2

On the way back home from Osaka by car, I drove to the Minoh Waterfall. When I was little, I used to walk from Minoh Station to go there. Now there is a parking lot near the Waterfall, so it is convenient.


As it rained a lot this summer, the amount of water in the waterfall was large. I enjoyed watching the water appearing from the top of the waterfall and falling into the waterfall pot.


It was so amazing that I observed it for a while. The surrounding beautiful trees and clean water purified my heart.



車で大阪に行った帰りに箕面の滝まで運転しました。 小さい頃は箕面の駅から歩いていったものでした。 今は箕面の滝の近くに駐車場があるので便利です。 今年の夏たくさん雨がふったので、滝の水の量は多くて、豪快でした。 滝の上から現れて滝つぼに落ちていく水を見るのが楽しくてしばらくずっと見ていました。 滝の周りの美しい木々と清らかな水に心が純化されました。 

the diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna



Several days ago, I knew that a store near my house would be closed on August 19th. I decided I would not go there on that day.


On August 19th, I went to a beauty salon to have my hair cut. I became beautiful.


After that, I thought I would go shopping to the store on my way home. I arrived there. The store was closed. I was shocked・・・・

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the diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa

National High School Baseball Championship has begun on August 10th. I like it because high school students play very eagerly. Japan has many rainy days this summer. Many baseball games were postponed because of rain. Those games are held in Koshien stadium. It doesn’t have a roof. They can’t play baseball games.

Someone said, “ The weather makes a story for baseball games.” I agree with the idea.


I hope that they can play baseball games on sunny days.

August No 1

The Paralympics will begin tomorrow.  People with artificial legs who run or jump, people who swim with a crippled body, people who play basketball and tennis in wheelchairs, and blind people who run with a person in the leading role, etc. were introduced on TV.


People with disabilities s are not defeated by their handicaps and are training themselves. Man controls his/her own destiny. I think Paralympic athletes are teaching us that we should move forward on our own path without lamenting or grieving about our fate. I'm looking forward to watching the Paralympics from tomorrow.



パラリンピックは明日から始まります。 できるだけ走る春のような人工脚を持つ人、不自由な体で泳ぐ人、車椅子でバスケットボールやテニスをする人、リードで一緒に走る盲目のアスリートなどがテレビで紹介されました。 障がい者はハンディキャップに負けなくて、自分自身を訓練している。 人間は自分の運命を持っている。 パラリンピックの選手たちは、自分たちの運命を嘆いたり悲んだりすることなく、自分たちの道を進めるべきだと教えてくれると思います。 明日からパラリンピックを観戦するのを楽しみにしています

the diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna

One day I went to my mail box to get letters. I looked at a cicada shell on the block wall near the mail box. I thought that cicada had lived in the soil for 6 years. However I know the soil of my garden is not soft at all. So I was surprised when I looked at the cicada's shell .I wondered how the cicada went up to the ground through the hard soil. 


the diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa

Today the Tokyo Olympics have begun. I like watching sports. My favorite sports are basketball and football. I was watching TV. Men’s basketball team lost game. I was sad. I cheered Japan team.

But I saw very good performance of other teams.


I had fun in watching sports. The Olympic athletes are playing very hard. I got a power from them. Japan foot ball team became best 4. I want to say to them, “ Do your best in the next game!!!”

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna



I study hard with “ Go around the World” every day. So now I know national flags of many countries well.

Today I was looking at the awards ceremony of Judo Men’s 73kg class on TV. I saw a national flag of the 3rd place. I thought that the national flag was Colombia’s, but it was a national flag of Mongol.

 National flags of those countries don’t look like at all.


I thought I must check flags more carefully.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa


Today I completed “Go around the World.”

I could know many things. For example, culture, customs and sightseeing spots. Besides I could also know many English words. I felt relieved.

However I’ve received a surprising news from Susie. She said, “ You should start a conversation lesson with a foreign teacher named Alice. You must use online and talk with her. “


The online lesson started. At first I became nervous, but Alice was very kind. It was fun to have a conversation with Alice. I hope I will speak English very well without being nervous.

July No 4

The Tokyo Olympics have begun. Various sports are broadcast on various channels. Japanese athletes have won medals in judo, swimming, table tennis, gymnastics, archery, skateboarding, etc. When I see the happy faces of those players, I also feel happy. There have been many problems with this Olympics, but I am grateful that we have been able to hold it with the efforts of the various people.

The blue earth made of drones at the opening ceremony was impressive. A major event where people from 202 countries gather is being held now in spite of the corona pandemic. It is miraculous.

May it be over safely!




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    Alice (火曜日, 10 8月 2021 14:48)

    I am very happy to talk with you, Alyssa!! You are a very hardworking student. Thank you for talking about the Olympics. It was a very successful event! Congratulations , Japan!

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa



I made French Toast last Sunday.

I mixed an egg with milk. I put bread into it. After that I toasted the bread.

My husband ate this French Toast. He said, “ It doesn’t taste sweet. Did you add sugar?”

I said, “No. I didn’t add it. It wasn’t good, was it?”

He said, “ Yeah, it was not delicious. It is very important to follow a recipe when you make something delicious.”


I also ate it. It didn’t taste good. When I make French Toast next time, I will look for the good recipe at first.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna

One day I studied English hard using the Green Book. The content was a children’s song from America. I read the lyrics of the song. I felt strange. I have a plate. I wondered if the same song was printed on the plate.


I was surprised when I looked at it.

When I read the song printed on the plate for the first time long time ago, I couldn’t understand the meanings. When I read it again a little bit ago, I could understand some sentences.


Now I can completely understand the song thanks to the Green Book. I listened to the song by Youtube later.


Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle

The cat and the fiddle

The cow jumped over the moon

The little dog laughed to see such sport


And the dish ran away with the spoon

July No.3

I went to Fushimi Inari Shrine because the mourning period of my relative was over. As it was the day of Motomiya Festival, a lot of red lanterns were decorated beautifully.


Fushimi Inari was very popular and crowded before the corona pandemic happened, but there were not so many people even though it was a festival day. That was because there were no stalls.


After visiting the main hall, passing through many torii gates, I headed for  the Suehiro Shrine, which is located at the top of Fushimi mountain.


The temperature was high and climbing the stairs was hard, but I was able to go there because I walked at  my pace. After going down, I ate cold buckwheat noodles looking at the quiet pond. It was a very satisfactory day.





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The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna

One day I was making Mabodofu for supper.

Then I found I didn’t have starch.

I said to my husband, “ I am going to make Mabodofu, but I don’t have starch. I can’t put starch into Mabodofu. Is it OK for you?”


He said, “ I don’t like Mabodofu without starch.”

So I started to look for starch. I could find it in a refrigerator!!!


We ate normal thick Mabodofu!!! We were happy.

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The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa

I went to a supermarket last Sunday.

I saw a dog at the entrance of the supermarket. The dog was big and quiet. I didn’t know what kind of the dog it was. To my surprise, the dog wore shoes!!!

I saw it again. It was my first time to see the dog wearing shoes.


I thought the shoes were good for the dog. But I wanted to ask the dog, “ Don’t you want to say No?”

The dog had been waiting for its owner calmly.


It was a hot day. The road was very hot. I thought the owner wanted to protect the feet of the dog.

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The diary of Thursday member nicknamed Masa

On July 3 and 4th, I joined “ Biwa lake Ultra Waking 100 kmwith my friends.

The start is Keihan railway Hamaotsu.

The goal is JR Takatsuki Station. Time limit is 26 hours.

 We had to continue walking at midnight without sleeping.

It was very hot and humid during the daytime.

Some people retired at the point of 30km because it was very humid.

I drank much water to avoid heatstroke. But I felt my strength lost.

It rained a little at night. But this rain didn’t make my strength recovered.

 It was hard to walk from the point of 60km.

When I arrived at the point of 80 km , I thought a lot of things.

At last it is 20km from here to the goal. “

 “ I must still keep walking for 4 hours.”

Maybe my foot beans would be crushed. It’s painful “

Anyway I will walk 1km more.”

I finally finished walking 100 km at 8 am. The record was 22 hours 17 minutes.

The ranking was the 27th place of all women.

It’s was a very very hard race for me.


Then we went to a spa.

I was scared of taking off my socks. However I took off them and I found blisters were on the whole right foot and there were some small beans on my left toes.

When I saw my foot, suddenly I couldn’t walk.

I thought the spirit was amazing.


After the race, this is the honest impression of mine and my friend’s.


we will never participate in it again.”

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The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna

A gyoza shop opened near my house on July 3rd.

I knew that shop because I had seen it in a variety show of TV program before.

The name of the shop is Yukimatsu

The shop sells only sets of Gyoza dumplings 24 hours a day and there isn’t any sales person.

The set has 36 gyoza dumplings.

Its price is 1000yen.


I’m not good at cooking. I want to buy it right away.

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It was raining slightly today.

I saw some people riding a bicycle, but I walked to an elementary school.

There was a slope on the way. I saw an old man ride an electric bicycle.

He went up the slope very easily.


I thought, “ How easily he moves! The electric bicycle is very good.”

I asked myself, “ Do you want an electric bicycle?”

I answered to myself, “ No… Wait, Yes?”


I know an electric bike is very convenient, but I can’t decide to buy yet.

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July No 1

Recently I have been often watcthing Youtube when I am free. In a Youtube program, words spoken by Miyazaki Hayao was introduced.


As you know, he is the most famous anime director in Japan. He said, “Most of the important things in the world are too much of a hassle.”


Even Miyazaki Hayao feels this way. I can well sympathize with them. There have been many things which are a hassle, but he has done.


Our lives are limited. So it is time to start to do a thing that is important for me without looking at it too long even though it seems a hassle.




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The diary of Thursday member nicknamed Masa

I got red shiso from an acquaintance of mine.

He said,” I have always thrown red shiso away.”

The red shiso grows a lot naturally.

So he threw away it with weed every time.

“ What a waste ! If you throw it away, I want it.”

And I got red shiso.

I made shiso juice for the first time. But I had no problem.

Because I have a Cookpad teacher.

It’s a really convenient world.

I made tukudani and furikake from shiso leaves besides juice.

It was easier than I had thought. I can do it well.


This summer I will overcome.

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    James (土曜日, 03 7月 2021 17:50)

    This is a plant that I, as an American, am not at all familiar with. However, I have
    been informed that it is something used to make umeboshi. So, I'm glad you were able
    to use something that otherwise would have been thrown away.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna


 I bought a drink ticket at a coffee shop near the Obayashi station a few months ago.

I paid 1000yen for the ticket. I can drink 12cups of coffee by showing the ticket.

I was very surprised to see that the expiration date of the ticket was June 26th.

“ Today is June 25th! I must drink 7cups of coffee until tomorrow!”


The next day I bought 7 cups of coffee and took them home. I drank some cups of coffee and my family also drank them. We finished drinking all of the coffee.



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    James (木曜日, 01 7月 2021 01:02)

    That is certainly a large amount of coffee.
    I hope you were able to get some sleep that night.
    Still, if you like coffee, I suppose the ticket was a good bargain.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa


I started studying for the Pre-Second Eiken Test. I must study a lot of skills. For example, learning many words, writing English compositions, practicing listening tests.



To me, especially writing an English composition is difficult. I can’t write an English composition well. When I take the Eiken test, I must write my thought about the question and two reasons why I think so

I can’t have two reasons at once. Thinking two reasons is difficult even in Japanese. 

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    James (木曜日, 01 7月 2021 01:05)

    I think that you will need practice in formulating reasons.
    Maybe if you try very hard, you will be able to do it.
    Practice makes perfect, we say in English.
    So start trying to think of two reasons and maybe, with more practice,
    you will be able to do it.
    Good luck.

June No.4

I drove to Mt. Rokko. It takes 50 minutes’ drive from my house to the top. It was a weekday, so there were few cars on the road. Trees we saw through the windows were beautiful and vivid, giving us power.


We went to the Rokko Silence Resort which was newly opened last year. When we were viewing a wide variety of flowers in its garden, we found a hammock in the corner.


Though I hesitated to lie in it at first, I did so. It was my first experience to do it outside. It was so comfortable to look at the blue sky while I was being rocked in the hammock.




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    James (水曜日, 30 6月 2021 01:37)

    That is really a lovely photo and it depicts a beautiful location. I am very glad to know
    that you are able to find a beautiful place to relieve some stress because I am sure
    you are often occupied with so many details that cause tension. Anyway, I'm very
    pleased to see that there is such beauty available to you not far from where you live.

The diary of Thursday member nicknamed Masa

I have mouth ulcer last week.

It is still painful.

I hadn’t had a mouth ulcer for a long time. But I know the reason.  Recently I have eaten a lot.

I was full but I kept eating. Of course, I got fat.

I must stop the movement of my hands and mouth.

If I don’t it now, I will have a miserable body this autumn.

So it is a chance that I wrote my dairy

I will eat moderately from tomorrow.


Yes, not from today but from tomorrow ( haha)

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    James (水曜日, 30 6月 2021 01:42)

    Yes, I can certainly sympathize with your feeling of discomfort. Nobody wants to suffer
    in such a way. So please do your best to guard your health by making wise decisions.
    It's never easy to know what the proper thing is to ensure good health. But please
    try and I wish you well and hope you will succeed in overcoming this problem.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa

I broke a mercury thermometer the other day.

I hit it at a table by accident. The top of the thermometer was broken.

I bought a new electronic thermometer at a drug store.

One year ago, when I went to the drug store, all of the thermometers were sold out.

Masks, thermometers, hand sanitizer and toilet papers were sold out, too. We were a little bit in a panic because of corona virus.

However now I can buy those things there. I feel happy.


I remember that I had been looking around to ask for them. I feel it were a nightmare.

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    James (水曜日, 30 6月 2021 01:49)

    Yes, this recent pandemic has caused even more problems than the normal ones
    that people have always had even before the beginning of the outbreak of this virus.
    Everyone in the whole world has had to deal with this, so at least take comfort in
    the fact that you are not alone in confronting all these problems relating to maintaining
    good health. I am glad to know that, finally, you were able to obtain the proper materials so that is a relief at least.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna

One day I needed a Japanese white radish for supper, but I didn’t have it. So I thought I would go to a supermarket near my house to buy it. Before I went there, I said to my son,“ Is there anything you want?” He said, “I want a snack. “

I decided to buy a Japanese radish and his snack. After all I bought a Japanese radish, his snack and my chocolate.


The total price including tax was 555yen. I was surprised. The price consisted of all 5s. I felt I might have good things. So I decided to keep the receipt carefully in my purse.

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    James (水曜日, 30 6月 2021 01:55)

    Sometimes, just by chance, strange numbers appear in our lives. For me, as an American, 555 is not bad luck. If 666 appears, many Americans are thrown into a panic
    because this is supposed to represent the devil. For me, personally, any number does
    not present a problem, but 555 is probably less of a threat than 666.
    Anyway, I hope the radish and chocolate tasted all right.

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June No.3

My best pleasure these days is taking a walk in the neighborhood. Hydrangeas are in full bloom at this time of year.


There are hydrangeas of various colors such as blue, pink, white. It is not actually a flower that looks like a hydrangea flower, but sepals or calyx.


The small thing in the beautiful colored sepals is a real flower. The sepals are showing like a flower to attract insects. Plants and animals are devising various ways to live.




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June No.2

A Sunday member, S san’s son is making wine in Bordeaux, France. I watched a DVD in which her son was interviewed by Gussan on TV.


Her son liked wine so much that he moved to France. He bought a vineyard and a house in Bordeaux, and started winemaking. He has been making a great effort to make the highest quality wine.


When her son was three years old, he drank wine with curiosity. He suffered from acute alcoholic intoxication and he almost died.


S san had been keeping wine away from him ever since, but his son came to love wine so much that he finally began to make his own wine. Life is strange, isn't it?




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    James (火曜日, 22 6月 2021 17:51)

    I am happy to see that he was able to turn a potentially destructive habit into a
    profitable business venture. Some people are not as fortunate as your son.
    So congratulations to him and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

June No 1

Now, the banks of the Sakase River are full of yellow flowers named Usagi-so. The green grass is also overgrown. The river flows between the grass. 


There are many steps in the Sakase River, and the places with the steps look like small waterfalls. This year, the rainy season started early, so the amount of water is large. So even small waterfalls are worth seeing.


It is said that these steps in Sakase River were designated as a Japanese Civil Engineering Heritage. The Rokko mountains extend in the background. When I see the Sakase River which is full of nature, my heart is healed. I think this is my hometown.



今、逆瀬川のほとりは、うさぎそうという黄色い花でいっぱいです。緑の草も生い茂っています, 川は草の間を流れます.逆瀬川には段が多く、段差のある場所は小さな滝のように見えます。今年は早くから梅雨が始まったので、水の量が多いです。だから、小さな滝でさえ見る価値があります。逆瀬川にあるこれらの段差は、日本土木建築遺産に指定されたと言われています。六甲山が背景に広がっています。自然に満ちた逆瀬川を見ると、心が癒されます。ここが私の故郷だと思います。

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    James (火曜日, 22 6月 2021 17:57)

    Certainly every place on earth has its advantages and I am pleased to see
    that Sakasegawa provides pleasure to you as well as many of the other inhabitants
    of the area. It is a pleasant place to view in all four seasons of the year but of course
    is most dramatic during the rainy season.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Alyssa


I like coffee. I can relax with coffee smell.

However recently I got some teabags. My daughter and my coworker gave teabags of black tea to me as presents.

They are flavor teabags. For example, peach, muscat, cherry, fruit, caramel and so on.

I haven’t drunk all kinds of teabags yet.

I was surprised. I enjoyed each flavor. They are delicious.

I can relax and feel happy.


I will have fun with either tea or coffee. I would like to try a drink which suits my feeling every day.

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    Alice (日曜日, 06 6月 2021 20:44)

    I love the smell of coffee too! I love fruit tea! My cousin gave me strawberry and raspberry tea. It tastes so good. It is nice to know that drinking tea makes you happy! Reading your story made me happy too. :)

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    James (日曜日, 06 6月 2021 10:20)

    Thanks for the interesting story. Please continue to enjoy coffee and tea whenever
    you get the opportunity.

The diary of Tuesday member nicknamed Madonna.

One day I didn’t have food to eat for breakfast in the refrigerator. I wanted to eat sandwiches

I have lettuce, pieces of pork in it.

I didn't have eggs and tuna. I also had plain bread.

I fried pieces of pork with Yakiniku Source.

I made a Sandwich with lettuce, fried pieces of pork.

I had never eaten such sandwiches. It was very delicious.

My son also ate it. He said, “ How delicious! They are much better than I thought.


I was happy to hear that.


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    Alice (日曜日, 06 6月 2021 20:52)

    Making breakfast with whatever is in your fridge is indeed a great solution. I think you should make this sandwich again for breakfast! Reading your story made me hungry. Maybe I should try your sandwich recipe? :)

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    James (日曜日, 06 6月 2021 10:23)

    I agree with your son. He's very lucky to get a sandwich like that.
    I would be very glad to try one myself.

May 4

Because I lost weight due to carbohydrate restrictions, the skirt of the suit I had bought in the past did not fit properly.


Th jacket was still OK. I went to a shop to alter the size of the skirt. "How much is it to alter the size of the skirt?" The staff said, "It is 2,500 yen". The suit was 10,000 yen for a jacket and a skirt. I had worn the suit for more than four years. I wondered if I should buy a new one.


I said to the staff, "I was going to fix it if it was 2,000 yen." She said, "Then, 2,000 yen is OK." "Thank you! “

I'm glad she was a kind person.



炭水化物の制限で体重が減ったので、過去に購入したスーツのスカートが合わなかった。 ジャケットはまだ大丈夫でした。 スカートのウエストを小さくするために、お店にスカートを修理しに行きました。 「スカートのサイズを修繕するのはいくらですか?スタッフは「2,500円です」と言った。 スーツはジャケットとスカートに1万円だった。 私は4年以上そのスーツを着ていた。 私は新しいものを買うべきかどうか疑問に思っていました。 私はスタッフに「2,000円だったら直すつもりだった」と言った。 「じゃあ、2,000円でいいよ」と彼女は言った。 「ありがとう!」 私は彼女が親切な人だったことをうれしく思います.

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    Alice (日曜日, 06 6月 2021 20:59)

    Wow! You were able to save some money. Great job because you were able to lower the price. You do not even have to buy a new one!

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    James (日曜日, 06 6月 2021 10:25)

    A good bargain is always a pleasure. Sometimes a kindly staff member can be an
    advantage to any business.

May 3

I haven't had a chance to take a walk for months. I thought I should exercise more, so yesterday I took a walk in the neighborhood. I


n this season, various flowers are blooming in the garden of every house, and it was a lot of fun to walk and see them.


However, after an hour's walk, I began to feel dull pain in my lower back. I thought I would continue to walk every day in order to train my legs.


That night, after I went to sleep, I felt a leg cramp and I woke up. I had to be patient until I recovered. I felt that daily exercise is important.




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    Alice (日曜日, 06 6月 2021 21:41)

    I have never had a long walk since the pandemic started. Walking is truly fun. I agree with you. Maybe you walked too much on that day? I hope that you are now feeling so much better. If you cannot manage 30 minutes a day, do not feel bad. Just remember that even a little is good. :D

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    James (日曜日, 06 6月 2021 10:28)

    You're right about that. Good health is another form of wealth. Please maintain
    good health habits as long as you are able. The benefits of doing so will be enormous.

May 2

Amazon sent me a package yesterday. The sender’s name was not written. Only Kizuna Co., Ltd. was written. When I opened it, I found a stainless mag cup. On its surface, "Thank you all the time " was printed. I thought that the company had sent it to promote something. Later at night I had a phone call from my younger son who lives in Tokyo.


He said," I sent you a present because it’s Mother’s Day. Haven't you received it?" Actually, the cup was a present from him. He sent it from Amazon. When we send something to the other person from Amazon, the name of the sender is not automatically written. If he hadn’t called me, I wouldn’t have known that the present was sent by him.


The stainless mag cup has good heat insulation and does not cool down the coffee. I felt happy that my son had grown up.




May No 1

A TV program, Dragon Zakura started yesterday. In Dragon Zakura,  the lawyers try to enable students whose grades are bad to pass the entrance exam of Tokyo University is the most difficult university in Japan. I knew its summary, but I didn't know the details because I had never read the comics.


I was surprised to see it on TV yesterday because the hero is a wild lawyer. I'm looking forward to seeing how he can make inferior students pass this most difficult test.




April No 4

The other day, I went to the Junkudo Bookstore near Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station after a long time without going there. Junior high school textbooks have changed this year, so I bought a lot of workbooks and reference books related to them.


I bought a lot of items, so I was given a free ticket to a coffee shop in the bookstore. When I went to the coffee shop, I found that it had the atmosphere of the Showa era. Antique chests, bookshelves and old paperbacks were lined up.


Drinking a cup of hot coffee, I recalled my younger days, when I used to read paperbacks.



先日久しぶりに西宮北口駅近くのジュンク堂書店に行きました。 中学生の教科書が今年変わったので、それに関連するワークブックと参考書をたくさん買いました。 たくさん買ったので、特典で本屋さんの中にある喫茶店の無料券を与えられました。 その喫茶店に行くと、昭和時代の雰囲気でした。 アンティークなタンスや本棚、古びた文庫本が並んでいました。 熱いコーヒーを飲みながら、文庫本を読んでいた青春時代を思い出しました。

April No.3

The election of the Takarazuka Mayor is being held today. When I was younger, I never went to the polls. However, I have voted in every election for about the last 10 years. I went to the polling station early in the morning, so there were only staff.


After the vote, I walked home slowly. Because it was spring, I could see various flowers blooming in the garden of every house. Violets and dandelions were also blooming by the roadside. Seeing them made me happy.



今日は宝塚市長選挙の日でした。 若い頃は投票に行ったことがありませんでした。 しかし、10年位前から、どの選挙にもかかさず投票しています。 朝早く投票所に行ったので、スタッフしかいませんでした。 投票のあと、ゆっくり家まで歩いて帰りました。 春たけなわで、どの家の庭もいろんな花が咲いているのが見えました。 野生のすみれやたんぽぽも道端にいっぱい咲いていました。 それらをみながら幸せを感じました。

April No.2

Yesterday, while teaching a junior high school student, I came across  very good English sentences in a textbook.


They are as follows

"Good luck can only come when you go through hardship. That's when I realized that all these difficulties were gifts."


In winter, cherry trees had only bare branches. The branches finally budded, and they blossomed all at once. After a time of full bloom, they are beginning to scatter now. But after that, the young leaves come out and become a beautiful green color.


Everything changes every day. I want to concentrate on what I can do now and have fun.






April  No 1

Today I loaded lots of bulky garbage, a rusty umbrella stand, old cushions, and broken appliances like an oil fan heater, a printer, and a coffee maker, into my car and drove to the Clean Center to throw them away. 


When I got to the Clean center, the weight of the car was measured at the entrance. After getting the bulky garbage out of the car and throwing it away, the car was measured at the exit again. By doing so, the weight of garbage was known and I was told to pay 360 yen. 


The clean center was located along the Muko River, and I saw the cherry blossoms in full bloom. They were so beautiful. Looking at the flowers for a while, I was thankful for all those old things that I had thrown away.



今日コーヒーメーカー、プリンター、石油ファンヒーターのような壊れた家電、さびついた傘立て、古いクッションなどたくさんの粗大ごみを自家用車に積みました。 そして、クリーンセンターに行きました。 クリーンセンターに着いたとき、車の重さが測られました。 粗大ごみを車から降ろして捨てた後また出口で車の重さが測られました。 そうすることによって、ごみの重さが知られ、私は360円払うように言われました。クリーンセンターは、武庫川沿いにあり、わたしは満開の桜を見ました。それらはとても美しかったです。しばらく花を見て、私は捨てたものに感謝しました。

March No.1

I eat breakfast at 7:30 am every day. At that time I watch NHK's morning drama series on BS. After that, I also watch a program called Great Traverse. A person named Yoki Tanaka is trying to climb 300 famous mountains in Japan one after another on foot only.


The mountain he climbed today was Mt. Togakushi. He carefully walked on a high ridge where snow remained. It was so dangerous. I was relieved when he reached the top safely and I could enjoy seeing very beautiful scenery mountains.




February No.4

I'm making a tourist information app for Kyoto, so I went to Kyoto again. This time, I went to Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple in the Sagano district.


There was still a state of emergency in effect, so there was no one in the precincts except me.


While looking at a huge number of stone Buddhist statuettes, I had the feeling that many people had lived and died. I felt that I was also going to die someday.


After that, I went to Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple too. I didn't know that there was such a surprising place in Kyoto. It was a small adventure.



京都の観光案内アプリをつくっているので、また京都に行ってきました。 今回は嵯峨野地区の化野念仏寺に行きました。 まだ緊急事態宣言が出ていたので、境内には私以外誰もいませんでした。 たくさんの石仏をみながら、たくさんの人が生きて死んでいったんだなあと感じました。 自分もいつか死ぬんだなあと感じました。 そのあと、愛宕念仏寺にも行きました。 京都にこんなところがあるとは知りませんでした。 小さな冒険でした。

February No. 3

It is February, but the warm days have continued. So I went to Kyoto by car. It is a 1-hour drive there from my house.


I could drive only in the neighborhood before, but recently because of corona-virus, I was able to drive longer.


Arashiyama had only a few tourists. I crossed the Togetsu Bridge and took a walk along the famous Bamboo Forest Road.


After that, I entered the garden of Tenryu-ji Temple, a World Heritage Site.


Plum blossoms and camellia flowers were in bloom, and birds were chirping.

It was the first time in Kyoto when I saw so few tourists. I had a luxurious feeling.




February No.2

From February 3rd, it became spring on the calendar. The state of Emergencies in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai area has continued, but the number of corona-infected people has decreased.


Coronavirus vaccination has begun. The daylight has become longer. We can enjoy viewing plum blossoms now.


The year of 2020 was a tough year, but I think 2021 is a year of recovery and transformation. I can't go anywhere now, but when the state of emergency is lifted in March, I want to go somewhere.




February No.1

Every day, I look forward to buying and drinking coffee at a Nescafe coffee stand at Sekasegawa Station in the afternoon. The clerk is shift-based, so the person is different depending upon the day.


One of clerks is very friendly, so I got to talk with her. It’s a happy time to have a short conversation and later have a hot cup of coffee on the station bench.

As I drink, I see some people ordering coffee at the shop and talking to the clerk as I do.


Sometimes some older guys keep talking to her over coffee. I think the friendly woman is a relaxing person for them.




January  No.3

Two years ago, in January 2018, I started visiting 33 temples  which are famous for their Kannon statues. I joined the Hankyu bus tours 12 times. I visited all the temples.


After that, in January of last year, I visited Zenkoji Temple in Shinsyu to give thanks. This year, I sent an application form to become a Sendachi, who can guide beginners around a tour of visiting these 33 temples.


I want to go around the 33 temples again.






January No.1

The number of infections of the covid-19 virus has been increasing more and more. My eldest son's family living in Tokyo decided not to return home for the New Year's holiday. So I made only one-third of the usual Osechi dishes.


On January 1st, I went to a place in our neighborhood to watch the sunrise. It is located at top of a slope, so we can enjoy a good view.


At 7:10, the sun began to rise above mountains. Not only on New Year's Day, but the sun shines upon the earth every day. I gave thank for the sun, for the earth and, for simply being alive.




December No.3

The bag I had been using every day for three years became worn out, so I wanted to get a new bag.


The first condition in choosing a new bag is that it be light. Next, it can be used both as a shoulder bag and a backpack.


I couldn't find it easily, but finally I found it. It suits the conditions perfectly, and the price is 3,100 yen. It is a very reasonable price.


I bought it right away and started using it today. I feel happy using my new bag. I am also thankful for my old bag!



3年間毎日使ってきたかばんがだいぶ擦り切れてきたので 新しいカバンが欲しくなりました。新しいカバンを選ぶ条件は、まず軽いこと。次にショルダーバックにもなり、リュックサックにもなることです。なかなか見つかりませんでしたが、ついに見つけました。条件にぴったりで、しかも値段が3100円。大変リーゾナブルです。すぐに購入して、今日から使い始めました。新しいカバンを使って幸せな気持ちになりました。古いカバンも今までありがとう!

December No. 1

It's December now.


This year 2020 was supposed to be a glamorous year for the Tokyo Olympics, but an incident occurred that we never could have imagined. It was covid-19.


Last March almost all schools were closed all at once, a state of emergency was declared and we had to stay home.


This fall the infection has subsided, and many people enjoyed the Go to Travel or Go to Eat campaigns, but recently we are worried that the number of infected people is increasing once again now.


I’m sure 2020 will be a year that will be in the textbooks of future history.




November No.1

I heard that roses in Aramaki Park in Itami city are in full bloom, so I went there by car.


It is a 15 minute drive from my house. I knew the roses bloom in May, but I found out they bloom twice a year.


It was a sunny day in autumn, it was neither cold nor hot. It was a comfortable day. Under the blue sky, roses of various colors such as red, pink, white, and yellow were blooming. I was freely looking around the park.


The leaves around the park were beginning to turn colors. We enjoyed the wonderful autumn day.



October No.4

tuI saw how to organize the vegetable compartment in the refrigerator on Youtube.


I arranged paper bags which I bought at the 100-yen shop in the vegetable compartment and put vegetables such as cabbage, daikon radish, cucumbers and carrots in each bag.


When I open the vegetable compartment, I can see what kind of vegetables are immediately.


Two packages of the paper bags cost 200 yen. One contains 5 large bags and the other one contains 8 small bags.


By putting vegetables in bags, it is easy to organize, it looks beautiful, and it is easy to clean. I’m very happy.