I tried to fold paper

Ketty san, one of ChaCha members gave us a top made of origami papers.  She was a volunteer teacher who taught kids Origami before. I showed this top to Lepton kids. They enjoyed spinning the tap. They wanted to know how to make it. I asked her to teach them. She said, " it is not so difficult. Please try it."

Actually I did notl like folding paper when I was a child, but I tried it because I trusted her words. So I disassembled three sheets of paper and assembled them again. I could understand how to make it. I tried to make a tap with new papers. So Yes, I could !!!!!


←This is the top I made.  I could spin it.

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    Emmy (水曜日, 13 6月 2012 11:29)

    It looks so cute,but pretty complicated.
    I'll give you a lot of applause,Susie.
    I respect you very much.Because I'm not good at Origami,even a folding paper into crane.

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    Susie (水曜日, 13 6月 2012 12:13)

    Emmy san Thank you so much for your compliment.To make this top is less difficult than to make a paper crane. So next time try it.

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    a passer-by (土曜日, 16 6月 2012 21:12)

    disassempled → disassembled
    assempled → assembled

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    chachaenglish1 (日曜日, 17 6月 2012 10:46)

    Thank you so much a passer-by san. Yeah I made mistakes. I should have read my blog again. Thank you so much for your kindness. I corrected the words.