Halloween handcraft

Members of Francis's activity class made a Halloween ornament today. Members were very eager to make it. They concentrated on handcraft listening to Francis's lecture in English for about one hour and after that they also concentrated on studying English by Lepton for another one hour.

 They were very energetic!  So great!

Next week we will have a Halloween event with Francis. 11 kids will join it.


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    Emmy (土曜日, 20 10月 2012 13:04)

    They seem quite happy with those crafts they made.
    They are great,wonderful.
    Because those children can understand what Francis
    says.I think they might be very international people in their future.

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    Susie (火曜日, 23 10月 2012 12:36)

    Hi Emmy san Thank you so much for your comment.They really enjoy Francis's activity class. We had a Halloween event with Francis yesterday. 12kids joined it. I hope they have a good memory and work as international people in he future!!!