Christmas ginger bread cookies

Bonita sensei , Thursday morning teacher gave us Christmas ginger bread cookies. She made them with her daughter, Aria yesterday. She said she had made too many,so she brought them to ChaCha. Shapes of cookies are Christmas tree, star and ginger man. They were so cute and yummy. She is so happy becasue she is pregnant now. She will be a mother of two kids next May.

She gave us not only cookies but also happy feeling. Thank you so much!!!!

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    Emmy (木曜日, 06 12月 2012 22:55)

    I'd like to have a piece of cake(bread) Bonita baked.It's a lot of fun to shape tree,star and ginger man.When my children were young,I used to bake variety of cakes as their refreshments.
    although we could buy flour ready to use,I liked bake from scratch.Bonita reminds me that.

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    Susie (金曜日, 07 12月 2012 11:24)

    Hi Emmy san I know you are very good at cooking. I am sure you will learn how to cook German food and bake German sweet and you will become better. Oh now I remember your recipe of Hiroshimayaki!!! So I hope you introduce some recipes of German dishes in the near future.