Singing Classで歌っています。クリスマスジングルベルロック

今日はもう12月18日。あと、一週間でクリスマス。ChaChaSinging Classでは、ジングルベルロックを歌って、クリスマスムードいっぱい!!!

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    Emmy (水曜日, 19 12月 2012 04:53)

    Yes,Christmas is just around the corner.
    Susie,it is disappointing I can't listen this song.
    Because GEMA doesn't have the right to broadcast this song by this method.
    Anyway,we'll celebrate of Christmas seasons together even if we were in a different country.

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    chachaenglish1 (水曜日, 19 12月 2012 17:46)

    Hi Emmy san I heard Germany has a strict rule about such broadcasting which may invade the copyright. We are lucky to use youtube in Japan, but I sometimes concern about the future of music industry. Anyway Pansy san chose this song. It is very enjoyable.