You have a bright future!!!!

The Sundy teacher, Nagual will go back to Monteal in Canada next month. We had a farewell party for him at the Yakitori restaurant.  Two ChaCha members  joined it. Drinking and eating, we talked a lot about movies, novels, hobbies and our dreams at one table only in English. It was very fun. We became very talkative and learned a lot of things from other members. Finally the time when we had to say Good bye to Nagual. We said to him, " You have a bright future. So Good luck!"

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    Emmy (火曜日, 29 1月 2013 01:27)

    I can see you had a lot of fun and drinking!
    If you said "Good bye"to someone,you might meet new person.Cheer up!

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    Susie (火曜日, 29 1月 2013 22:33)

    Hi Emmy san You are quite right. It is co-incidence, but I will have an interview with a Canadian who has a working holiday visa like Nagual. I am looking forward to seeing him!!!!

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    Nagual (木曜日, 31 1月 2013 22:44)

    Thank you very much! I'll do my best! ^^

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    Susie (金曜日, 01 2月 2013 11:32)

    I am looking forward to seeing you find a good job and a good partner!!!