Masaさん がんばって!





“Do you have any good news?”

“No, but I will join an event tomorrow.”

“Oh what event will you join?”

“I’ll join Rokkou Jyuso. It means walking across the Rokko mountains.”

“How many kilometers will you walk tomorrow?”

“ 56 kilometers.”

“How hard it is!!! What time are you going to get up tomorrow?”

“ I'll get up at 2am.”

“ 2am!? Why so early?”

“ My friends and I will gather in front of Takarazuka station at 3am and we will take a taxi to go to Kobe.”

“ How long does it take to go to Kobe?”

“ About one hour. We are going to get to Kobe at 4am. “

“What time will the event start?”

“ It will start at 5am.”
“ You will have to wait for one hour until the walking event starts.”

“It may be very cold before the sun rises. What will you do before it starts?”

“ We will run around in order to keep our bodies warm.”

“The goal is Takarazuka. right? What time are you planning to get to Takarazuka?”

“ I'd like to return to Takarazuka at 7pm.”

“ I hope it be sunny tomorrow and I also hope you enjoy walking in the mountains and return to Takarazuka in safety.”

“Thank you so much. I'll do my best. “

“Good luck!”


今 午後322分 今もMasaさんは六甲縦走中です。


5時から夜7時まで 神戸から宝塚まで 56キロの山道をあがったりくだったり。



がんばれ! Masaさん!

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