Welcome to Takarazuka tour



4 hours trip including a lunch box   

fee 7000yen / person   12000yen / one couple

10 am Sakasegawa station of Hankyu Line   

2pm Obayashi station of Hankyu Line


You can make a reservation by e-mail. Message me at anytime. Please tell me your name and what day is good for you. 

 e-mail address chachaenglish2007@gmail.com

09037075803 ChaChaEnglish 


Takarazuka is only 30 minutes away from Osaka by Hankyu train! It is a beautiful suburban town with few foreign tourists. So please visit Takarazuka and enjoy the quiet and deep Japanese beauty, which cannot be experienced in ordinary tours. A friendly mature Japanese woman accompanies you.


The starting point is an English school called ChaChaEnglish which is located near Sakasegawa station on Hankyu Line.


You can enjoy Japanese calligraphy. Then we go out for a historic walk around quiet shrines and temples in the neighborhood.


After that we take a lunch break at a traditional Japanese house. At the end we head the station through a beautiful walking path. It is a whole 4 hours course. It is possible to enjoy a small but exciting and touching journey through the heart of Japan.


This is the brochure of Takarazuka Tour


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